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Low Volts Crowd Funding New Record


Together we can make the coolest record on earth. 

There are only 21 days left to reach the goal to fund this record and I need your help!  I’m poised and ready to record the third studio album in Nashville, Tennessee and need your help in making it the best it can be. All the new songs are written and I can’t wait to make you an album chock full of road trip worthy music. This is your chance to make a difference in helping resist the urge to relinquish creative control and remain an independent artist in these tough times. There’s really cool limited run keepsakes for everyone involved so take a peek at the perks section! Join the Low Volts Resistor Gang by preordering your hand made Resistor Ring today and be a part of Low Volts history. Check out the limited edition vinyl, t-shirt, CD and jewelry and more right HERE
Thanks for all of your support and I look forward to sharing all the new music with you!
Tim Lowman
Low Volts



Serrandon is an harmonizing siren from Dallas, Texas. Fusing 80’s lyrical substance with modern day production, Serrandon’s sound is as one of a kind as his name.

Now residing in San Diego, California, Serrandon’s influences come from a broad span of artists including; Phil Collins, Lana Del Rey, George Michael, and Dawn Richard. Serrandon leaves it all on the table as he sings about mental struggles and isolation.

His latest EP, ‘NOISE’ explores the interferences that one faces as they journey off into self improvement. Mixing sounds from Hip Hop, EDM, and RnB, Serrandon’s smooth vocals and silky vocals create a compelling contrast that is will give you the vibe you need.

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High Mountain Tempel – Gnosis

High Mountain Tempel - Gnosis
High Mountain Tempel – Gnosis

It’s been a long gestation on the quivering meat wheel of creation. In the dust and stones of a dry riverbed seeds cracked, opening themselves to any deluge. When the flood waters finally came everything became the Mud of Chaos. Now swollen with water the seed burst forth with roots and tendrils seeking both Earth and Sun. High Mountain Tempel Rising! “

Gnosis” is the fifth release from these seekers of sonic dissolve and drift. Tapping into their deep love of the Pacific, the Sierras, the Sacred Freeway Off-Ramps and the Emerald Tablets of California Mythology they have carved out new roads and new paths leaving Golden Ashes to light the way.

Tempel Monks Eric Nielsen and Keith Boyd welcomed many honored pilgrims for this voyage in sound and time. Kawabata Makota and Hiroshi Higashi from the impeccable Acid Mothers Temple joined in providing bowed guitars and swirling, hymnal synth lines. Alpha-Crone and Source Family Dragon Lady Isis Aquarian beamed in from Hawaii to breathe the Father Yod Family lineage into our hearts and minds. Charles Curtis blessed us with spacious and gigantic piano tones. Bruce Mckenzie, the Sage from high atop Mount Washington was as always the Koan Master and Alchemist gleaming gold amidst the ruins and molding clay into Golems. Leila Dear brought her artistic mastery, informed by the esoteric and geometric to Square the Circle for the cover art.

It was a wonderful collaboration spanning time, distance and space. This distillation we offer up with the hope of pleasing and challenging the listener. Listen deeply. Go FURTHUR.

Traveling Monks Bruce McKenzie – Sings on Track 1 and plays Recorder on Track 4 Charles Curtis – Plays Piano on track 3 Isis Aquarian – Alpha Crone Incantations on Track 3 Makoto Kawabata – Bows Guitar on Track 4 Hiroshi Higashi – Plays Synth on Track 5

Mixed by Bruce McKenzie, Artwork by Leila Dear, Photo and Layout By Krista Nielsen, Mastered by Kenseth Thibideau Recorded in the Upper Chamber of The High Mountain Tempel Oceanic Lodge and the Leper Colonies of Arrakis Dedicated to The Ancestors, Pacific Ocean Mineral Spirits, The Offspring of the Sun, the Waders of the Slipstream, All Blessed Journeymen, John Muir riding the lightning, high above the world and in memory of Hetch Hetchy.

Maquiladora – The Passion of Becky Royal


The sessions for The Passion of Becky Royal began in a haze in San Diego with a trashed electric 12-string, a Magnatone Melodier amp and a portable pump organ. They continued sporadically over three and a half years, riding waves of tape delay, depression, heartbreak, elation, crisis, dormancy, exploration, conflict, inspiration and friendship between Mt. Washington and Ocean Beach. Songs took shape organically, were broken, unlearned and played again. Words were both improvised and deliberated. Forgotten before singing, lived while sung.


Old and new friends were invited to help shape and stretch the music: First was Becky Poole. Bruce met Becky, a Chicago-based saw player of rare instinct and nuance in a chance encounter in Kentucky. She was recorded in an apartment in Louisville. Next, Morgan Doctor, a drummer and percussionist living in Toronto, was invited to add her distressingly inventive rhythms to the tracks. She was recorded at High Mountain Tempel’s Oceanic Lodge in San Diego. She had played on early Maquiladora albums and her return after a long absence felt perfect. There was a lot of smiling.

Adeline Jasso of OptimalGainOverDrive, L’Aura Moirè, and Cat Power’s touring band added invaluable vocals to two tracks at the end of the process. The record could not make sense without these precious contributions. This is a record to swim in. This record will tell you things. It is shimmer and blur and reed and wire. It will sound different depending on the position of the sun. It will look you in the eye-heart and hold your gaze.

1 It Is
2 The Revenge Of Becky Royal (New Piano)
3 Elijah’s Bird Song
4 Water Memory (For S.B.)
5 Sleeping In The Dream House
6 Dans Un Reve De La Mer (For S.A.)
7 The Life Of A Dream Of A Pulse (Lost Owl Sutra Pt 1)
8 Untitled 16 (Fluxus Pump)))))Edit
9 Lost Owl Svtra
10 Capitol Hill Blues #7 (A Subjective History)