Low Volts Crowd Funding New Record


Together we can make the coolest record on earth. 

There are only 21 days left to reach the goal to fund this record and I need your help!  I’m poised and ready to record the third studio album in Nashville, Tennessee and need your help in making it the best it can be. All the new songs are written and I can’t wait to make you an album chock full of road trip worthy music. This is your chance to make a difference in helping resist the urge to relinquish creative control and remain an independent artist in these tough times. There’s really cool limited run keepsakes for everyone involved so take a peek at the perks section! Join the Low Volts Resistor Gang by preordering your hand made Resistor Ring today and be a part of Low Volts history. Check out the limited edition vinyl, t-shirt, CD and jewelry and more right HERE
Thanks for all of your support and I look forward to sharing all the new music with you!
Tim Lowman
Low Volts

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